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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo
  • Virtual Automation 6.0


  1. PVA Agent installation fails in the very end, the log file /var/log/pva/setup/YY-MM-DD_HH.MM.SS contains the following messages:

    Container is not running
    Container configuration file does not exist
    Failed to start the Container
    Failed to start the Container
    [ERROR 7]  Failed to start Service Container
    09/28/13 12:29:40   Caught UIFailedQuitException
    09/28/13 12:29:40   # STATE_FINISHED
    09/28/13 12:29:40   
    # The pva-setup program failed to install/update the 'Parallels Virtual Automation' software on your computer.
  2. CT #1 does not start:

    ~# vzctl start 1
    Starting the Container ...
    Container is unmounted
    Container is mounted
    Failed to start the Container
    Container is unmounted
    Failed to start the Container
  3. The following messages are logged by the kernel if checked right after the start attempt:

    ~# dmesg | tail -5
    [11086.346000] CT: 1: failed to start with err=-105
    [11088.603000] CT: 1: stopped
    [11920.845000] Failed to initialize the ICMP6 control socket (err -105).
    [11920.866000] CT: 1: stopped
    [11920.866000] CT: 1: failed to start with err=-105

    The error 105 is the generic error:

    OS error code 105:  No buffer space available


The default configuration file of the service container #1 set the limit for non-TCP sockets numothersock, the default value is 360, however the container might need more sockets, about 490 in idle state.


  1. To fix the situation, it is necessary to manually increase the limit and start this container:

    ~# vzctl set 1 --save --numothersock 600:600
    ~# vzctl start 1
  2. The situation is reported as PVA-33600, to be fixed in the future PVA Agent releases.

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