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Command "vzstat -b" displays [CRIT] mark in front of "Disk" :

Disks [CRIT]: in 0.131MB/s, out 11.610MB/s


Pressing "v" button will provide a verbose output, which will reveal why disk is marked as "CRIT":

    Disks [CRIT]: in 0.131MB/s, out 11.610MB/s
      sda3(/) free: 113980MB(97%), 7534362ino(99%)
      sda1(/boot) free: 548MB(92%), 38356ino(99%)
      sdb1(/vz) free: 6722519MB(89%), 487138699ino(99%)
      ploop31695p1(/vz/pfcache) free: 9908MB(98%), 655296ino(99%)
      ploop26772p1(/vz/root/7711119) free: 37MB(3%), 632593ino(96%)

In the output listed above we can see that disk /dev/ploop26772p1 (/vz/root/7711119) is almost out of free space:

    ~# vzquota stat 7711119
       resource          usage       softlimit      hardlimit
      1k-blocks         946052         984368         984368
         inodes          22767         655360         655360


According to provided path (/vz/root/7711119) we can tell that device belongs to container 7711119. Increasing it's diskspace will solve the issue:

    ~# vzctl set 7711119 --diskspace 1984368:2000000 --save

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