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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo 6.0


Containers are not detected by shaman on a specific node, though they are present on it.

    ~# shaman stat
     Cluster 'pcs2'
     Nodes: 3
     Resources: 8
        NODE_IP           STATUS      RESOURCES
      M        Active      7 CT        Active      1 CT
     *        Active      0 CT           <==== Containers not detected


This happens a symlink for /vz/private directory to /pstorage partition is not created while setting up clients in the PCS cluster, so containers are stored locally and not on the Cloud Storage.


Configure Containers for use in the cluster:

Check the path to the Container private area in the /etc/vz/vz.conf file. By default, the path is set to the following: VE_PRIVATE=/vz/private/$VEID

Make a symbolic link from the Container private area to the directory in the Parallels Cloud Storage cluster that will store Containers. Assuming that this directory is /pstorage/pcs1/private, create this directory and run the following command:

    ~# ln -s /pstorage/pcs1/private/ /vz/private

Note: If the /vz/private directory already exists on your server, remove it before running the ln -s command.

Note 2: In case you do it on a production server with live containers and VM's, migrate them off the node and then perform this action.

Check documentation for more details.

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