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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo 6.0


VNC server does not start automatically, when a virtual machine restarts, despite it is configured in automatic mode.

In /var/log/parallels.log you can see the following messages :

10-01 00:38:28.872 F /disp:4974:227758/ Task '19Task_StartVncServer' with uuid = {b86964e9-47bb-488f-911f-0f3fccb6c989} was started. Flags = 0
10-01 00:38:28.894 F /disp:4974:227758/ the VNC server starts : prl_vncserver_app --passwd --listen --port 5806 {a5e7e7cf-9a7b-4f2a-9a72-d11b589cfa27}
10-01 00:38:31.926 F /disp:4974:227758/ Timeout reached while waiting for a reply from the VNC server.
10-01 00:38:31.927 F /disp:4974:227758/ Start VNC server failed with error code: 80035003 'PRL_ERR_FAILED_TO_START_VNC_SERVER'


The issue is recognized as a product bug with internal ID PSBM-20022, fixed in PCS 6.0 Update 5.


Install PCS updates:

# yum update

The following alternative solutions are available:

  • start VNC server manually :

    ~# echo <vnc_password> | nohup prl_vncserver_app --auto-port --min-port 5800 --max-port 65535 --passwd <VM_UUID> &

    where :

    • vnc_password is the VNC password to be provided

    • VM_UUID - the unique identifier of the virtual machine that can be obtained with prlctl list command :

      [root@host ~]# prlctl list test-vm -H
      {82fe4456-d45c-488e-9f0c-2e758448bbcf}  running     VM test-vm
  • open VNC console in PVA - it will start the VNC server for the VM automatically.

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Start VNC server failed with error code

Timeout reached while waiting for a reply from the VNC server



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