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Amazon Machine Image is available via AWS for the Standalone/cPanel version of Web Presence Builder 11.5.

By applying a free 30-day trial license, shared hosters have everything they need to conduct an evaluation, and by applying a paid license, they can use the AMI in production.

To deploy an instance with Presence Builder

  1. Log in to your Amazon Web Services account.
  2. Select EC2 in the services list.
  3. Launch a new virtual machine by clicking Launch Instance.
  4. Leave the Classic Wizard checkbox selected and click Continue.
  5. Go to the Community AMIs tab, find the image with proper ID, and click Select.
  6. Select the server performance by choosing the Instance Type. T1 Micro is enough for running this image; however, we recommend using at least M1 Medium for production environments. Click Continue.
  7. Edit or leave default Advanced Instance Options and Storage Device Configuration
  8. Add Tags for the instance if needed.
  9. Select an existing key pair for the instance or generate a new key pair.
  10. Create a Security Group for the instance. This group must allow incoming connections on the following ports: 22, 80, and 443.
  11. Complete the instance creation by clicking Launch.
  12. When the instance appears in your list on instances, assign a name to it by clicking empty in the Name column and entering the name.
  13. (Optional) Assign a permanent IP address to the instance. To do this, click Elastic IPs in the left pane and select a free IP address or allocate a new one.
  14. Return to the instances list and click the instance name. In the bottom of the page, you will find the Public DNS by which you can access the instance. It usually looks like this:
  15. Connect to the Public DNS over SSH using the username root and the key you obtained on step 9.
  16. Change the MySQL server administrator’s password by running:
# mysqladmin -u root password NEWPASSWORD

  1. Change the Presence Builder administrator’s password by running:
# sb_config –sb_passwd NEWPASSWORD

  1. The default Presence Builder administrator’s password is setup.
  2. Open the page https://Public_DNS/License/ using the username admin and the password you set in step 17. 
  3. Upload your Presence Builder license by clicking Upload License.
  4. Now your Presence Builder is ready and available at https://Public_DNS/
To learn how to integrate Presence Builder with your control panel, refer to the documentation available at

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