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What is prl_vm_app process on PCS/PSBM server?


Each Virtual Machine on Parallels Cloud Server \ Parallels Server Bare Metal is represented by a separate prl_vm_app process. You can determine which VM belongs to which process in the following way:

  • Get the UUID of the VM :

    # prlctl list
    {ba1146fc-64d5-3943-a4c0-2610b428ede2}  running      -               VM CentOS
  • Search for this UUID in the ps output :

    # ps auxwww | grep prl_vm_app | grep ba1146fc-64d5-3943-a4c0-2610b428ede2
    root      959275  7.9  2.9 136447856 1466004 ?   Sl   Oct07 195:18 /usr/lib64/parallels-server/prl_vm_app --uuid {ba1146fc-64d5-3943-a4c0-2610b428ede2} --dir-uuid {3e9b9b89-f7af-42f9-b363-ecf1bdd307fd} --mode ps

    In this output, the process with PID 959275 belongs to VM "CentOS".

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