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  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows


Certificate auto-enrollment does not work for containers, joined to domain.


This behavior is recognized as a product bug PCWIN-15926.

The problem lies in the scheduled task Microsoft->Windows>CertificateServiceClient->SystemTask, which is responsible for applying AutoEnrollment policy from Domain Controller to Domain Client. In containers the task does not start and certificates are not enrolled on Computer.


There's a workaround available - change UseUnifiedSchedulingEngine task property to false.

The following Powershell script will do it for all currently running containers :

$vzroot = Get-ItemProperty HKLM:\software\swsoft\virtuozzo | select -ExpandProperty VZROOT
$tasktofix = "\Microsoft\Windows\CertificateServicesClient\SystemTask"
$tempxmlfile = "\Windows\Temp\tasktofix.xml"
$ctids = (vzlist -Ho veid) -replace " ",""
foreach ($ctid in $ctids) {$cttempxmlfile="$vzroot\root\$ctid\c$tempxmlfile"; if(ls $cttempxmlfile 2>$null){"$cttempxmlfile already exists"}else{(vzctl exec $ctid schtasks /query /tn $tasktofix /xml) -replace "<UseUnifiedSchedulingEngine>true</UseUnifiedSchedulingEngine>","<UseUnifiedSchedulingEngine>false</UseUnifiedSchedulingEngine>" > $cttempxmlfile; vzctl exec $ctid schtasks /delete /tn $tasktofix /f; vzctl exec $ctid schtasks /create /tn $tasktofix /xml $tempxmlfile;remove-item -force $cttempxmlfile}}}

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