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A Virtual Environment does not relocate when the node in Virtuozzo Cluster (Parallels Cloud Storage Cluster) crashes.


Among possible reasons:

  1. High Availability daemon shamand was stopped on the node before the crash.
  2. Virtuozzo node was not joined shaman cluster before crash.


In order to guarantee the resources relocation on server unavailability, it is required that shamand service is configured appropriately.

  1. Make sure that the shaman join command was executed and you see all nodes in the shaman -c $CLUSTER_NAME stat output:

    # shaman -c pcs stat
     Cluster 'pcs'
     Nodes: 5
     Resources: 8
       NODE_IP      STATUS          RESOURCES    Active          3 CT, 0 VM
    *M    Active          2 CT, 1 VM    Active          1 CT, 0 VM    Active          0 CT, 0 VM    Active          1 CT, 0 VM

2.Check the state of the shamand on the faulty node, start it if is is stopped:

~# service shamand status
~# service shamand start 

Also, ensure that shamand will be started automatically after node restart with the following command:

~# chkconfig shamand on

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