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How to migrate a Virtuozzo Container to a Virtuozzo (formerly Parallels Cloud Server) virtual machine (so-called c2v migration)?


You can use the pmigrate utility to migrate containers that reside on remote servers running the following versions of the Virtuozzo containers software:

  • Virtuozzo containers 4.0 for Linux with update TU-4.0.0-464 or higher
  • Virtuozzo containers 4.6 for Linux
  • Virtuozzo containers 4.7 for Linux
  • Virtuozzo containers 4.6 for Windows
  • Virtuozzo containers 6.0 for Windows

Moving a container from a remote Virtuozzo containers server to a virtual machine on the local server with Virtuozzo involves completing the following steps:

  • Installing the Parallels agent on the server with Virtuozzo containers.
  • Running the pmigrate utility on the destination server to migrate the Container.

Installing the Parallels Agent for Containers

First, you must install the Parallels Agent on the source Virtuozzo containers server. During the migration, the Agent collects essential information on the container to be moved and transfers it to the pmigrate utility on the destination server. To install the Parallels Agent, do the following:

  1. Log in to the source Virtuozzo containers server as a user with administrative rights.
  2. Copy the Parallels Agent installation file to the source server. The installation file is located in the /usr/share/pmigrate/tools directory on the server with Virtuozzo: - use this file to install the Parallels Agent on servers running Virtuozzo containers 4.0, 4.6, or 4.7 for Linux.
    ParallelsTransporterForContainers-parallels-XXXX.exe - use this file to install the Parallels Agent on servers running Virtuozzo containers 4.6 or 6.0 for Windows.

  3. Execute the installation file on the source server.
  4. Follow the instructions of the wizard to install the Parallels Agent.

Migrating the Container

Once the Parallels Agent is installed, you can use the pmigrate utility to move a container to a virtual machine. For example, you can run the following command on the destination server to migrate container 101 from the remote server with IP address to the VM_101 virtual machine:

# pmigrate c root:8uhytv4@ v VM_101
Connecting to local agent...
Querying configuration...
Operation progress 100%
Registering VM...
PVC to VM /var/parallels/VM_101.pvm/config.pvs migration succeeded.

The resulting virtual machine will be put to the /var/parallels directory on the destination server. If you do not specify the administrative credentials on the source server (for root on Linux servers and Administrator on Windows servers), you will be asked to do so during the command execution.

Migration procedure is described in documentation: Migrating Containers to Virtual Machines

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