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As Provider I want to change the number of concurrent backups running on PACI hardware nodes.


The number of simultaneous backups is controller by the value of the batchSize attribute of the 'backups' tag in the PACI Instance Manager (IM) configuration file /usr/local/share/PACI-im/IM-config.xml, e.g. it is set to 10 in the following example:

<backups batchSize="10" intervalInMin="1" maxDurationInMin="200"/>

Restart the PACI-im and terracotta services after you modified the IM configuration file:

# service PACI-im stop
# /etc/init.d/terracotta stop
# /etc/init.d/terracotta start
# service PACI-im start

Additional information

  1. PACI IM starts less or equal to **batchSize simultaneous backups.
  2. Each intervalInMin PACI IM checks if the number of currently running backups is less than value specified in batchSize.

    • If it is less than the value (this means that some backups have finished), then it starts few more backups so that the number of currently processed backups at the moment is less than or equal to batchSize.
    • Otherwise it waits intervalInMin and repeats the check.

For example, if batchSize is set to "5", intervalInMin is set to "1", and there are 20 scheduled backups, then PACI IM starts 5 backups. After that it waits 1 minute, checks the number of currently running backups. If at this moment 2 backups have finished and 3 are still running, then PACI IM will start 2 more backups. And so on.

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