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A virtual machine does not start:

~# prlctl start {196f79c7-3265-4b7d-8ba2-136932c89fd0}
Starting the VM...
Failed to start the VM: Unable to start the "MyVirtualMachine" virtual machine. Free at least 210 MB on the physical hard disk that stores the "MyVirtualMachine" virtual machine and try again.

My virtual machine is located on /vz partition:

~# prlctl list MyVirtualMachine -i |grep Home
Home: /var/parallels/MyVirtualMachine.pvm/

And I can see that there is some space on it:

~# df -h /var/parallels/
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
                      105G   76G   24G  76% /vz

So, where does the error come from?


The virtual machine is configured with 24 GB of RAM, and on the example above you can see that there is about 24GB free space on the partition that stores the virtual machine:

~# prlctl list MyVirtualMachine -i | grep memory
  memory 24576Mb
  memory_quota auto

When you start a Parallels virtual machine, it creates a memory file that equals the amount of RAM assigned to it.


Reduce the amount of RAM assigned to the virtual machine or free some space on the appropriate partition.

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fail to reboot

free at least

Failed to start the VM

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