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After migration of a Windows 2003 PVC container to a virtual machine on PSBM/PCS, the VM is unable to start, producing the following error.

STOP: c000007b {Bad Image}
The application or DLL \??\C:\WINDOWS\system32\sfcfiles.dll is not a valid windows image. Please check this against your installation diskette.


sfcfiles.dll (some other DLL may be at this place as well) was corrupted on the source container.


Replace the corrupted file with a valid one from the Windows 2003 installation media or the source hardware node.

The following steps should be followed:

1) Copy over sfcfiles.dll from C:\Windows\system32 directory on the source node to the target host.

2) Mount the virtual machine:

    # prlctl mount <VM_NAME>

3) Copy the file into the VM:

    # mv /vz/mnt/<VM_UUID>/volume_1/WINDOWS/system32/sfcfiles.dll{,.backup}
    # mv /path/to/dll /vz/mnt/<VM_UUID>/volume_1/WINDOWS/system32

VM_UUID can be found from `prlctl list <VM_NAME>` command.

3) Unmount the VM:

    # prlctl umount <VM_NAME>

4) Start the VM.

Alternatively, the file can be taken from Windows 2003 installation media. Mount the installation disk to some Windows machine and run:

expand X:\i386\sfcfiles.dl_ C:\sfcfiles.dll

where X: is the disk drive letter. After that, follow the same steps as above to put this file into the VM.

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