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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo containers for Linux 4.7


  1. Migration of a container in legacy VZFS v3 format fails with the error "/usr/sbin/vzctl exited with code 28" as follows:

    # vzmigrate --online root@ 1000001:1000001
    root@'s password:
    Connection to destination node ( is successfully established
    Moving/copying CT#1000001 -> CT#1000001, [], [] ...
    Checking external bind mounts
    Check cluster ID
    Checking keep dir for private area copy
    Checking license restrictions
    Check of requires kernel modules
    Checking CPT image version for online migration
    Checking capabilities for online migration
    Checking technologies
    Checking disk usage space
    Checking templates for CT
    Checking IP addresses on destination node
    Tracker started
    Copy private area '/vz/private/1000001'
    Ignore /bin/tar exit code 0, continue
    OfflineManagement CT#1000001 ...
    Suspending CT#1000001 ...
    Dumping CT#1000001 ...
    Syncing dump file...
    Syncing tracked files from '/vz/private/1000001/fs'
    /usr/sbin/vzctl exited with code 28
    can not undump CT#1000001 : /usr/sbin/vzctl exited with code 28
    This CT can't be migrated online at the moment. Try offline migration.
    Dumpfile /vz/dump/dumpfile.i9yEKE.saved saved
    Can't move/copy CT#1000001 -> CT#1000001, [], [] : /usr/sbin/vzctl exited with code 28
    Resuming CT#1000001 ...
    OfflineManagement CT#1000001 ...
  2. The container has its private area in the old layout from Virtuozzo 3.0 and with legacy VZFS v3 format:

    # ls -l /vz/private/1000001/VERSION
    lrwxr-xr-x 1 root root 7 Nov 29  2006 VERSION -> 005.003
  3. The directory /etc/sysconfig/vz-scripts/ has the symbolic link to the container's configuration file:

    # ls -al /etc/sysconfig/vz-scripts/1000001.conf 
    lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 24 Feb 23  2013 /etc/sysconfig/vz-scripts/1000001.conf -> /vz/private/1000001/ve.conf


In Virtuozzo 3.0, the actual configuration file of the container should be stored in /etc/sysconfig/vz-scripts/ directory. It should not be a link like in the layout introduced in Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.0. If your container has Virtuozzo 3.0 layout, but it has a link in /etc/sysconfig/vz-scripts/ directory, the configuration file on a destination server will be empty in result, and the migration will fail.

The correct configuration example:

  • Virtuozzo 3.0 layout:

    # ls -la /etc/sysconfig/vz-scripts/1112.conf
    -rwx------ 1 root root 952 Oct 16 16:27 /etc/sysconfig/vz-scripts/1112.conf
  • Virtuozzo 4.0 (and later) layout:

    # ls -la /etc/sysconfig/vz-scripts/6000.conf
    lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 24 Oct 25 06:49 /etc/sysconfig/vz-scripts/6000.conf -> /vz/private/6000/ve.conf


As a quick workaround, replace the link in /etc/sysconfig/vz-scripts/ directory with a real configuration file (replace 1000001 with your CTID):

# rm -f /etc/sysconfig/vz-scripts/1000001.conf
# cp -a /vz/private/1000001/ve.conf /etc/sysconfig/vz-scripts/1000001.conf

To convert the container to the new layout and convert the private area to the new file-system, check the article and documentation pages and perform the suggested conversion:

Search Words

/usr/sbin/vzctl exited with code 28


exited with code 28

This CT can't be migrated online at the moment. Try offline migration.

can not undump

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