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  • Applies to:
  • Plesk 12.5 for Windows
  • Plesk 12.0 for Windows
  • Plesk 11.0 for Windows


NOTE: MSSQL as a main psa database provider was dropped in Plesk 12.5

  1. Ensure you have installed at least one MSSQL server.

  2. After installation of MSSQL server by Plesk, password for user sa is randomly generated. You need to reset it to the one you know in the control panel interface at Tools & Settings > Database Servers > Database server on .MSSQLSERVER2012 > Change Password

  3. Run Plesk Reconfigurator through Windows Start Menu at All Programs > Parallels Plesk Panel > Plesk Reconfigurator and choose "Switch DB Provider":

  4. In the dialog box enter:

    • Server Type = MSSQL
    • Server address = localhost (or .MSSQLSERVER2008 or .MSSQLSERVER2012 or any other, even remote)
    • Administrator login = sa
    • Administrator password = password you just reset in MSSQL
    • Database = psa (or any name of database that will be created in MSSQL and will be used by Plesk)
    • Database user name = psauser (or any name of database user that will be created in MSSQL and will be used by Plesk)
    • Password = setup1Q (password that will be set for database user, and will be used as admin password in Plesk)

Steps 2 - 4 can be performed using command-line utilities:

C:\>cd %plesk_cli%

%plesk_cli%\database-server.exe --list
mssql .\MSSQLSERVER2012:0 default
mysql localhost:3306 default

%plesk_cli%\database-server.exe --update-server .\MSSQLSERVER2012 -reset-passwd m5SqL5ecuR3
SUCCESS: Database server properties were updated successfully.

%plesk_cli%\dbupgrade.exe --switch-plesk-database --new-provider=MSSQL --host=.\MSSQLSERVER2012 --admin-login=sa --admin-password=m5SqL5ecuR3 --db=psa --login=psauser --password=setup1Q

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