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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo


  • pstorage mount point becomes unavailable after 60 seconds of network inaccessibility on the Cloud Storage Client Server with configured High Availability.

  • the following messages can be found in /var/log/pstorage/$CLUSTERNAME/pstorage-mount.log.gz:

    21-11-13 18:19:48.503 fuse_statfs_resp: error 32 (The client ID is invalid or banned)
    21-11-13 18:19:48.503 fuse_retry_req: STATFS {760}
    21-11-13 18:19:48.503 Fatal: pstorage-mount: the server refused to accept our client ID, likely we're banned due to access revoke


In case Cloud Storage Client Server is not accessible during the time period from LOCK_TIMEOUT to LOCK_TIMEOUT/2 (60 seconds by default), the cluster will start its resources on another Client Server and ban the issued node. Please note that LOCK_TIMEOUT - is not guaranteed time but it is the maximum time for which files from the hung client will be not taken. The guaranteed time is LOCK_TIMEOUT/2.

This is needed to avoid any collisions with Client resources.


In case the network problem can be solved quickly (by restarting network service, reconfiguring network adapters, etc.) it's possible to restart the following services afterwards to remount the pstorage:

service pstorage-fs restart
service shamand restart

These commands will ensure that a new client_id is issued to the node and shaman will mark the node as 'Active' again.

In case the problem is not fixed manually, shaman service will automatically reboot the node after WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT (120 seconds by default).

For more information about tuning shaman configuration, check this article or man shaman.conf command on any of the nodes.

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The client ID is invalid or banned

failed to allocate 2 replicas by request

network outage

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