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How can I promptly start containers on another if original node is down? (I.e. in case of a hardware failure)


Since the node is physically down it will be necessary to detach it's HDD that contains "/vz/" partition and insert it into a "spare" or "recipient" node with Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Linux (PVCfL) installed.

When it's done (HDD is physically attached to another host where PVCfL is already installed) there are 2 general cases we can outline:

  • There are no running containers on a spare/recipient node - it's free

    In this scenario simply mount "/vz/" from the detached drive over existing "/vz/" folder:

    1. Stop VZ service:

      # service vz stop
    2. Umount /vz/ if any disk drive is already mounted over there:

      # umount /vz/
    3. Mount rescued drive to /vz/ folder:

      # mount /dev/sdXY /vz/

      Where /dev/sdXY is a /vz/ partition from the server that went down.

    4. Start VZ service:

      # service vz start

    NOTE: If you want this setup to survive reboots, make sure necessary change is done to /etc/fstab file.

  • Recipient node already has several containers running - it's not free

    1. Create a mount point for the rescued /vz/ partition:

      # mkdir /vz2/
    2. Mount the disk to /vz2/:

      # mount /dev/sdXY /vz2/

      Where /dev/sdXY is a /vz/ partition from the server that went down.

    3. Rsync templates from vz2 to vz - it is necessary to avoid broken links in rescued containers. If templates are the same on both nodes - rsync would take only a couple minutes (it won't overwrite identical files):

      # rsync -auv /vz2/template/ /vz/template

      Please note the "/" symbol placement - it should be exact the same, otherwise it would create subfolders instead of syncing proper folders.

    4. Register containers on a new node and start them:

      # ls -1 /vz2/private/ | grep -v migrate | grep -v tmp | grep -v lck | grep -v bak | while read path; do vzctl register "/vz2/private/$path" $path; vzctl start $path;done

    After these steps containers will be registered and running on a new server, but still reside on "vz2" partition so you will be able to detach disk quickly when original node is repaired.

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