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  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows


Parallels Virtuozzo Containers come with a special utility vzdskctl, capable of mounting .efd images. Use the following steps to access the files inside a root.efd image:

  1. Mount the root.efd and obtain its GUID:

    C:\>vzdskctl mount_shared C:\vz\root\private\101\root.efd
    GUID = {84b4c837-8aa2-4a35-a142-dc0e6fde1f86}
  2. Create a mount point for the image:

    C:\>mkdir C:\mount_point
    C:\>vzdskctl set_mp C:\mount_point {84b4c837-8aa2-4a35-a142-dc0e6fde1f86}

    Now the files from the image will be accessible inside C:\mount_point directory.

  3. Alternatively, it is possible to mount this image to another container:

    C:\>vzctl partadd 102 --drive d: --file C:\vz\private\101\root.efd

    To delete it from the container:

    C:\>vzctl partdel 102 --drive d:
  4. When it's no longer needed, delete the mount point and unmount the image:

    C:\>vzdskctl delete_mp C:\mount_point
    C:\>vzdskctl umount {84b4c837-8aa2-4a35-a142-dc0e6fde1f86}

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