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  • Virtuozzo
  • Virtuozzo hypervisor


The MAC address of a deleted Virtual Machine changes after restoring it from a backup:

# prlctl restore --tag {3d70ec43-d161-4aba-9bf7-2a4c19634806} --name *VMName*
  • Before deletion:

    # prlctl list -i testvm | grep net
    net0 (+) dev='vme52558793.0' type=routed mac=001C42720001 card=e1000
  • After restoration:

    # prlctl list -i testvm | grep net
    net0 (+) dev='vme7ba873b2.0' type=routed mac=001C427200AC card=e1000


This is an expected behavior of --name parameter when restoring a Virtual Machine. This parameter is designed to restore the VM from a backup into a new VM (similar to a cloning operation), thus it recreates the devices of the restored VM.


To restore a backup of a previously deleted VM without changing its MAC address and other devices information, avoid using --name parameter. The following restore command will leave everything unchanged:

# prlctl restore --tag  {3d70ec43-d161-4aba-9bf7-2a4c19634806}

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