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  • Virtuozzo 6.0


Container start or mount fails due to irrecoverable errors, output looks similar to:

[root@pcs ~]# vzctl start 110683333
Mount image: /vz/private/110683333/root.hdd
Failed to mount image /vz/private/110683333/root.hdd: /vz/private/110683333/root.hdd/root.hds (rw): irrecoverable errors
Failed to mount image: /vz/private/110683333/root.hdd/root.hds (rw): irrecoverable errors [152]

ploop-check returns following output:

[root@pcs ~]# ploop-check -f /vz/private/110683333/root.hdd/root.hds
Delta files /vz/private/110683333/root.hdd/root.hds contains uninitialized blocks (offset=79931899904 len=299008) which are not aligned to cluster size


Issue is caused by unfinished write operation to the image, it might happen under various conditions. Last block is not completely initialized — some data is written to the block, but not till the block's end, block is not completely rewritten.

This behavior is caused by a bug, its internal ID #PSBM-24092.


Bug #PSBM-24092 is fixed in Parallels Cloud Server 6.0 Update 5 Hotfix 1 (6.0.5-1779) .

If for some reason upgrade is not an option, you may use following workaround:

    [root@pcs ~]# cd /vz/private/110683333/root.hdd/
[root@pcs root.hdd]# cat root.hds > /vz/backups/root.hds
[root@pcs root.hdd]# mv /vz/backups/root.hds /vz/private/110683333/root.hdd/root.hds
[root@pcs root.hdd]# vzctl mount 110683333
Mount image: /vz/private/110683333/root.hdd
Container is mounted

Using cat on root.hds image would complete unfinished write operation.

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container cannot mount


Failed to mount image

which are not aligned to cluster size

c62e8726973f80975db0531f1ed5c6a2 2897d76d56d2010f4e3a28f864d69223 0dd5b9380c7d4884d77587f3eb0fa8ef

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