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From the hardware node side, resource alerts are stored in the local PVA Agent SQLite database.

Use the following instructions to access the database:

  • For Windows:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallels\Parallels Virtual Automation\Agent\bin\sqlite3exe.exe" C:\vz\PVA\Agent\Data\etc\VZAgentDB.sqldb
  • For Linux:

    # sqlite3 /var/opt/pva/agent/etc/VZAgentDB.sqldb

From the PVA Management Node side, resource alerts are stored in the PVA MySQL database (for Linux) and MS SQL database (for Windows).

Use the following instructions to access the database:

  • For Windows:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\Binn\SQLCMD.EXE" -S "LOCALHOST\PVAAGENT"
    1> use VZAgentDB
    2> go
    Changed database context to 'VZAgentDB'.
  • For Linux:

    # mysql VZAgentDB

The following SQL query can be used on all sides to grab the registered resource alerts:

sqlite> select time,prm_id,prm_type,prm_env_eid from vEventLogs where category="resource_alert";
2013-12-26 04:18:27|counter_memory_share_used|yellow|632589e0-49f1-4cfb-d7a7-7ebca8ab9494
2013-12-26 04:19:27|counter_memory_share_used|green|632589e0-49f1-4cfb-d7a7-7ebca8ab9494
2013-12-26 04:26:27|counter_memory_share_used|yellow|632589e0-49f1-4cfb-d7a7-7ebca8ab9494
2013-12-26 04:28:27|counter_memory_share_used|green|632589e0-49f1-4cfb-d7a7-7ebca8ab9494
2013-12-26 04:38:27|counter_memory_share_used|yellow|632589e0-49f1-4cfb-d7a7-7ebca8ab9494
2013-12-26 04:45:27|counter_memory_share_used|green|632589e0-49f1-4cfb-d7a7-7ebca8ab9494
2013-12-26 04:56:27|counter_memory_share_used|yellow|632589e0-49f1-4cfb-d7a7-7ebca8ab9494
2013-12-26 05:14:27|counter_memory_share_used|red|632589e0-49f1-4cfb-d7a7-7ebca8ab9494
2013-12-26 05:36:27|vprvmem|red|25e4947a-f7fa-4d05-88b5-b1ef52785bb4

prm_env_eid represents the ID of the environment, for which the alert is registered. This can be either the EID of a container, the EID of a hardware node or the EID of PVA MN itself.

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