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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo containers for Linux 4.7
  • Virtuozzo containers for Linux 4.0
  • Virtual Automation 6.0


  1. It is recommended to make a backup of your PIM 4.0 installation before the upgrade. The backing up procedure is supported in terminal mode only with a help of pimBackupData script. The script backs up the whole Parallels Virtuozzo Service Container and all configuration files of PIM 4.0 installation.

    To back up PIM 4.0 installation, perform the following actions:

    • Log in to the PIM 4.0 node with the Administrator/root privileges.

    • Execute the following command:

      # /opt/vzagent/bin/pimBackupData <absolute_path_to_backup_directory>

      Note: make sure that backup directory resides out of the vzagent directory as it is to be removed during upgrade.

  2. Install a PVA Management node inside a container using the instructions from this article.

  3. After PVA MN is created, it is necessary to register all PIM 4.0 slaves in the PVA MN.

    Note: During the registration, PVA does not import any logs, settings or security information from the the 4.0 servers. You can do it, if needed, during step 4.

    After the re-registration in the PVA infrastructure, all 4.0 Slave servers are still shown as registered in the 4.0 system, but in the Offline state. You do not need to unregister them.

    To register a 4.0 slave server in PVA MN using GUI, do the following:

    • Login to the PVA web interface (http://PVA_mn_hostname:4648)
    • From the upper toolbar menu click New->Hardware Node->type in the IP address of the Slave server, credentials, and tick the Force registration option.

      To register a 4.0 slave node in terminal mode:

    • Login to the PVA MN with root privileges.
    • Register the slave node using the following command:

      # vzagroup --switchSlave [USER[:PASSWORD]@]ADDRESS_of_slave
  4. Once all slave servers are re-registered in PVA MN, the old 4.0 Master server should be registered as a slave server in the PVA MN infrastructure and information from 4.0 should be migrated to the PVA Master server.

    The following information can be transferred: security database, infrastructure folders, alerts, events, tasks and operation logs, scheduled tasks, IP pools settings, samples, network and global backup settings. During the registration, you can choose the settings to be transferred.

    Registering the 4.0 Master server and transferring the information take place simultaneously.

    Note: Registering 4.0 Master Server in PVA infrastructure automatically converts it into a 4.0 Slave server. Later you will be able to upgrade it to the PVA 6.0 version.

    If the 4.0 Master server still has subordinate online slave servers registered, the scenario fails. Re-register the slave nodes in the PVA system and repeat the 4.0 master server registration in the same system.

    To register a PIM 4.0 master server and transfer information:

    • login to the PVA MN with root privileges;
    • execute the following command:

      # vzagroup --importSettings [USER[:PASSWORD]@]ADDRESS_of_master

      (check this page for the options which can be used with the --importSettings command of vzagroup).

  5. After all PIM 4.0 instances are registered in PVA as slave servers, install the PVA Agent on every PIM 4.0 slave ndoe using instructions from this article.

NOTE: If your PVC nodes are parts of RHCS Failover Cluster - PVA Agent should be installed on every node (including stand-by ones), and then PVA services should be added to failover configuration: please check this page for instructions.

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