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How to create mail account for a subdomain?


Mailbox creation for subdomains is not available in Plesk GUI at the moment. You can vote for this feature on Plesk User Voice portal. Feature request ID is PPP-6799.

The top-ranked suggestions are likely to be included in the next versions of Plesk. You can get the information about the updates in our products in the following public sources:


There are 2 ways to create a mailbox for a subdomain:

  1. Create new subdomain as Website domain (not as Subdomain):

    Subscriptions > > Add domain >

    This way a new domain will be created under a subscription and the functionality to create new mailbox accounts will be available.

  2. Use command line utility to create a mail account for a subdomain (available for Windows only):

    "%plesk_cli%\subscription.exe" -u -mail_service true
    "%plesk_cli%\mail.exe" --create -passwd ***** -mailbox true

    Note, that webmail service is not available for subdomains.

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