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Web statistics is not updated for all domains automatically, but manual calculation with statistics.exe works fine.


It is by design, that web statistic is calculated with Daily Maintenance script (%plesk_dir%\admin\plib\DailyMaintainance\script.php) which is launched by Windows Task Scheduler.

The issue might be caused by the fact, that several parameters are set incorrectly for this task or required task is missing in Windows Task Scheduler.


  • Verify that full path to php.ini file (%plesk_bin%\php.ini) is specified near "Add arguments" field in the task properties.

  • Verify that all the actions of the task are completed. Double click the task, then Actions tab and Edit.

  • Start the task using Windows Task Scheduler manually to verify how it works.

  • Make sure that Daily Maintenance task and Daily web statistics analyzers run task (for Plesk 11.5 and newer) are configured and enabled, that Daily Maintenance script path set in Windows Task Scheduler is correct

Note: In Plesk 11.5 for Microsoft Windows algorithm of statistic calculation has been changed, and now web statistic calculated in two steps:

  1. On the first step, during Daily Maintenance script execution, Plesk parses all statistic data and processes IIS logs in order to prepare it for web-statistic engine (Webalizer or AWstats). As a result, during execution of Daily Maintenance script Plesk generates files, which will be used on the second step. For example:

  2. On the second step, 'web_statistics_executor.exe' utility processes all log files, prepared on the first step and web statistic web pages for all websites.

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