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By default, the progress information is not sent to the client by PVA Agent. In order to receive the information, include the progress="on" and the id attributes in the packet element of the message header. Optionally, include the log="on" attribute, which will initiate logging of the progress data in the history database.

The following example shows how to start a Virtuozzo Container backup operation and turn the progress reporting on:

<packet progress="on" log="on" id="2" version="4.0.0">

The following is an example of one of the progress packets received by the client program in response to the request listed above:

<ns1:packet xmlns:ns1="" xmlns:xsi="" id="7c45db0eb2t72aer488" time="2007-02-19T15:01:32+0000" type="1" priority="4000" version="4.0.0">
<ns1:message>Operation %op_name% is %status%</ns1:message>

The packet above needs to be decoded. Once you parse the packed, resolve all the parameters and their values, and decode the base64-encoded values, the actual message will look like this:

Operation backup_env is started.

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