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  • Applies to:
  • Plesk 11.0 for Linux
  • Plesk 11.5 for Linux
  • Plesk 10.4 for Linux/Unix


Unable to reconfigure domain or restart or reload Apache:

# /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/httpdmng --reconfigure-all
ERR (3): Apache config (13764726400.48499300) generation failed: Syntax error on line 42 of /var/www/vhosts/
SSLCACertificateFile: file '/usr/local/psa/var/certificates/cert-20mSLq' does not exist or is empty

The following errors are found in /var/log/plesk/panel.log:

ERR [util_exec] proc_close() failed ['/usr/local/psa/admin/bin/apache-config' '-t'] with exit code [1]
ERR [1] '/usr/local/psa/admin/bin/apache-config' '-t' failed with code 1.
Syntax error on line 50 of /etc/httpd/conf/plesk.conf.d/vhosts/

SSLCertificateFile: file '/usr/local/psa/var/certificates/cert-20mSLq' does not exist or is empty

The file /usr/local/psa/var/certificates/cert-20mSLq is missing on a server.


The certificate in /usr/local/psa/var/certificates/ directory was removed, the file is empty, or it doesn't exist while new configuration was not applied to Apache configuration files.


Generate configuration files using "Webserver configurations troubleshooter" extension or httpdmng utility.

Reconfigure SSL certificates:

# plesk bin repair --reconfigure-ssl-certificates

Search Words

configuration templates

sslcertificatefile: file does not exist or is empty

SSL certificate error in apache configuration

Syntax error on line 117 of /etc/httpd/conf/plesk.conf.d/server.conf: SSLCertificateFile: file '/usr/local/psa/var/certificates/certIMKd9SC' does not exist or is empty

New configuration files for the Apache web server were not created due to the errors in configuration templates: nginx: [emerg] BIO_new_file("/usr/local/psa/var/certificates/certp7Xe3CA") failed (SSL: error:02001002:system library:fopen:No such file or directory:fopen('/usr/local/psa/var/certificates/certp7Xe3CA', 'r') error:2006D080:BIO routines:BIO_new_file:no such file) nginx: configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf test failed . The error message containing the detailed error descriptions was sent to you by e-mail. Please resolve the issues and click here to generate broken configuration files once again or here to generate all configuration files.

apache fails restart

httpd: Syntax error on line 221 of /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

Apache config error

SSLCertificateFile: file '/usr/local/psa/var/certificates/cert

update certificate

prep actions

SSLCertificateFile: file '/usr/local/psa/var/certificates/cert-fSRLog' does not exist or is empty

unable to access website

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