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  • Applies to:
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.5
  • Panels
  • Virtuozzo containers for Linux 4.7


A Virtuozzo Container subscription was provisioned to Parallels Virtuozzo Container (PVC) 4.7 node with PVA Agent.

The container was stopped from 2014-02-12 to 2014-02-18. This time traffic was not counted by PVA:

2014-02-10 counter_net_incoming_bytes 376292621.0
2014-02-10 counter_net_outgoing_bytes 3180523445.0
2014-02-11 counter_net_incoming_bytes 310927891.0
2014-02-11 counter_net_outgoing_bytes 2870622047.0
2014-02-12 counter_net_incoming_bytes 3699350.0
2014-02-12 counter_net_outgoing_bytes 29418491.0
2014-02-18 counter_net_incoming_bytes 291942594.0
2014-02-18 counter_net_outgoing_bytes 2313742977.0
2014-02-19 counter_net_incoming_bytes 494649433.0
2014-02-19 counter_net_outgoing_bytes 3505164188.0

However, the following traffic is shown for the container in PBA-S CP (CP > Resources Usage > Traffic Statistics):

Date    Incoming traffic        Outgoing traffic        Combined traffic
2014-02-10      367.48MB        3.13GB  3.49GB
2014-02-11      327.75MB        2.79GB  3.11GB
2014-02-12      67.89MB         0.56GB  0.63GB
2014-02-13      2.73MB  0.01GB  0.02GB
2014-02-14      2.73MB  0.01GB  0.02GB
2014-02-15      2.73MB  0.01GB  0.02GB
2014-02-16      2.74MB  0.01GB  0.02GB
2014-02-17      2.73MB  0.01GB  0.02GB
2014-02-18      197.40MB        1.67GB  1.87GB
2014-02-19      437.41MB        3.00GB  3.42GB

since vzcoll log indicates traffic was reported in this period.


Such behavior is considered to be a software issue. The fix will be included in future PVA updates in scope of PVA-34101

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The workaround is to remove perfdata cache of PVA agent for the container on the VZ node. For example:

~# cat /vz/private/%ct_id%/.vza/eid.conf
~# rm /var/opt/pva/agent/tmp/perfdata/%eid_value%

Replace %ct_id% with container ID and %eid_value% with container's eid.

Another solution is restarting PVA Agent on HW node:

~# pvaagent restart

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