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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo 6.0
  • Virtuozzo hypervisor


Migration of a Red Hat 5.x physical server into a Virtual Machine fails on reconfiguration step on mkinitrd stage:

    # pmigrate h root:****@ v MyVM -a
    Connecting to root@
    Querying configuration...
    Migrating to /var/parallels/MyVM ...
    Operation progress 100 %         
    Running DVD reconfiguration...
    Detecting HDD(s)
    Detecting LVM
    Detecting root FS
    Setting up other filesystems.
    Setting arch for according to /sysroot/sbin/init arch
    Reconfiguration started
    Detecting partitions...
    Mounting partitions...
    Creating temp directory...
    Mounting reconfiguration CD...
    Detecting distribution...
    Detected: redhat-el5-x86
    Installing packages...
    Error: mkinitrd failed
    Reconfiguration script failed with error: 3
    Failed to reconfigure virtual machine.

As a result the virtual machine has been created, but it is not bootable as root partition cannot be mounted.


The issue is recognized as a product bug with internal ID PSBM-25213.


It is possible to finish VM configuration manually by changing the virtual hard drive type from SATA to IDE for all HDDs of the problematic VM.


  1. Check the current VM configuration:

    # prlctl list MyVM -i | grep hdd
    Boot order: hdd0 cdrom0 fdd0 hdd1
      hdd0 (+) sata:0 image='/var/parallels/MyVM.pvm/MyVM-0.hdd' type='expanded' 122880Mb
      hdd1 (+) sata:2 image='/var/parallels/MyVM.pvm/MyVM-1.hdd' type='expanded' 2048Mb
  2. Change the interface type for each HDD:

    prlctl set MyVM --device-set hdd0 --iface ide --position 0:0
    prlctl set MyVM --device-set hdd1 --iface ide --position 0:1

Once the changes are made, the VM should boot fine.

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