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  • Applies to:
  • Plesk 11.5 for Linux


Mail which is sent to a local domain mailbox registered in Plesk is not delivered. At the same time outgoing e-mails are delivered just fine. Mail service is enabled on a domain.


Most probably, incoming messages are not delivered due to DNS misconfiguration on a particular domain.


  1. Please check DNS configuration of a domain under 'DNS Settings' in the domain Control Panel.
  2. Check MX records using the host command:

    host -tmx domain.tld

For example:

# host -tmx domain.tld
domain.tld mail is handled by 10 mail.domain.tld.
  1. Check whether this MX record is configured on the registrar side:

    # nslookup mail.domain.tld
    ** server can't find mail.domain.tld: NXDOMAIN

Additionally, please check whether the configured NS server can find the MX record:

    #nslookup mail.domain.tld ns1.nsserver.tld
    Server:         ns1.nsserver.tld

    ** server can't find mail.domain.tld: NXDOMAIN

As a solution, please contact the registrar to assign valid MX record for the domain. Or manually correct DNS settings on the NS server/Plesk 'DNS Settings' in the domain control panel.

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