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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo containers for Linux 4.6
  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows 4.6


  1. Container backup creation fails with Failed to initialize snapshot error message.
  2. The following messages can be seen in the C:\vzlog\YYYY.MM.DD-vzlog:

    A=VzSrv; P=3148.61424; S=VZSRV; F=build\4.6.490.0\sources\virtuozzo\vzwin\vzmain\vzsrv\lock.c,do_lock_vps_registry,622; L=ERROR; R=58(88); C=0(0); M=88 [VzkrnlLockNFlushRegistry;2] Native API function call 'VzkrnlLockNFlushRegistry' failed, code 0x2 CTID
    A=fsresizer; P=28236.17840; S=VZSRV; F=snapshot.cpp,SWVolumeSnapshot::Init,393; L=ERROR; R=ffff(65535); C=0(0); M=65535 [] Snapshot::Init failed with 1359.


Some part of the container's registry is corrupted: some registry key exists, but its content cannot be opened.


The registry is vital system data in the container and on its corruption it is better to restore the container from the last backup.

To save the currently available data in the container, the backup can be restored to a new container and the registry copied to the existing one.

Note: PVA Agent should be 4.6.3-1734 or later if you deside to restore a backup to a separate container. Details are provided in this article.

To gather more information about such cases, the broken container can be passed to Parallels Technical support for identifying the corruption.

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Native API function call 'VzkrnlLockNFlushRegistry' failed

Can't create Volume Snapshot for C:'


Failed to initialize snapshot

Snapshot::Init failed with 1359

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Snapshot->Init() failed

Native API function call 'VzkrnlLockNFlushRegistry' failed, code 0x2


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