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Plesk upgrade gets stuck. How to find exact command or action where it gets stuck?


The best way to understand the reason is to check autoinstaller log in C:\ParallelsInstaller. Open autoinstaller.log in C:\ParallelsInstaller and scroll down to the end. Last line will show you the action that is currently running.

The situation when Plesk update gets stuck may take a place when:

  1. There are a lot of files in PrivateTemp directory and Plesk tries to delete temporary files from D:\Plesk\PrivateTemp\, in autoinstaller.log, you may see something like that:

    text="Removing Sessions..." <action type="CmdLite" parameters="cmd /c DEL /Q /F /S &quot;D:\Plesk\PrivateTemp\*&quot;" text="Clean up eaccelerator cache..."
  2. Upgrade may hang on applying security to Plesk folders:

    SI: Action 18:22:52: Applying security. Applying security for D:\Plesk\
    If there a lot of files in Plesk directory. For example, customer may put vhosts directory under Plesk installation directory or there is a lot of mails saved on the server. In this case Applysecurity.exe will check all files in Plesk installation directory. If there are a lot of domains and files in vhosts folder, it may takes a lot of time for completing the task.

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MSI: Error! An installation for Parallels Panel Service Node is currently suspended. You must undo the changes made by that installation to continue. Do you want to undo those changes? upgrading Perl modules...

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