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  • Applies to:
  • Plesk 12.5 for Linux
  • Plesk 12.0 for Linux
  • Plesk 11.0 for Linux
  • Plesk 11.5 for Linux
  • Plesk 10.4 for Linux/Unix
  • Plesk 12.5 for Windows
  • Plesk 12.0 for Windows
  • Plesk 11.0 for Windows
  • Plesk 11.5 for Windows


Domains are suspending for no reason. Accounts are locked out every night and their sites/services stop functioning.

It seems that subscriptions get automatically disabled when statistics are recalculated. This happens for several subscriptions.

We have checked this and all subscriptions are assigned to a custom plan where resource overusage is allowed, so subscriptions should not be suspended at all.


Parallels Plesk suspends subscriptions automatically if their expiration date passes. Plesk does not renew subscriptions automatically, so it suspends a subscription when the subscription expiration date comes. By default, the expiration date is "Setup date + 1 year".

Check if the expiration date for the affected subscription is earlier than the current date:

Subscriptions > domain.tld > Customize settings > Expiration date

You can find all domains with expired dates directly in the database:

How to access the Parallels Plesk database

For Plesk 11.5 for Linux:

SELECT, FROM_UNIXTIME(Limits.value),  Limits.limit_name FROM Limits,     SubscriptionProperties       INNER JOIN Subscriptions         ON SubscriptionProperties.subscription_id =       INNER JOIN domains         ON Subscriptions.object_id = WHERE = 'LimitsId' AND Limits.limit_name = 'expiration' AND SubscriptionProperties.value = AND FROM_UNIXTIME(Limits.value) <= CURDATE();

| name                | FROM_UNIXTIME(Limits.value) | limit_name |
|        | 2013-12-22 00:00:00         | expiration |
|       | 2012-12-20 00:00:00         | expiration |
2 rows in set (0.01 sec)

For Plesk 11.5 for Windows:

FROM limits,
       INNER JOIN subscriptions
         ON subscriptionproperties.subscription_id =
       INNER JOIN domains
         ON subscriptions.object_id =
WHERE = 'limitsId' AND limits.limit_name = 'expiration' AND subscriptionproperties.value =;

For Plesk 10.4.4 for Linux:

SELECT, Limits.limit_name, FROM_UNIXTIME(Limits.value), FROM Limits  LEFT OUTER JOIN domains    ON = domains.limits_id AND domains.limits_id = WHERE Limits.limit_name = 'expiration' AND FROM_UNIXTIME(Limits.value) <= CURDATE();
| id | limit_name | FROM_UNIXTIME(Limits.value) |   name     |
|  5 | expiration | 2013-12-22 00:00:00         | domain.tld |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)


To renew an expired subscription, go to:

Subscriptions -> domain.tld -> Customize -> Expiration date -> Update & Lock

Note: After this step, the system will not apply further changes to plan settings for this subscription. If you try to sync the subscription with the plan, the subscription will expire again unless you set an unlimited validity period for the plan.

Change the expiration date in the menu:

Service Plans > My plan > Expiration date

Suggestion: Configure Email notifications for the event type 'Subscription expiration'.

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