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  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows


Resident Shield (RS) is an AVG component that provides runtime protection. Resident Shield has an option: "Ask me before removing threats" (AMBRT), it is enabled by default. If you disable the option, start manipulating with viruses, AVG detects infected files and instantly deletes them. If you do not disable the option and perform the same manipulations with viruses, AVG will notify you about a threat and let you choose the action. This is how it works on Hardware Node.

With the disabled option, If you perform the same manipulations with viruses from within a CT. AVG also detects a threat, but it only notifies, though, it should delete the threat, because the AMBRT option is disabled.


Issue is caused by a bug PCWIN-21115


AVG doesn't delete files until administrator presses a button in GUI. At the same time viral activities are blocked. Administrator can do mass deletions of viruses from time to time or schedule a scan which will delete all the viruses found.

Issue will be permanently fixed in official release of Virtuozzo for Windows 6.0

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