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  • Virtuozzo
  • Virtuozzo hypervisor


All Guest Tools images are located on the server in the directory /usr/share/parallels-server/tools/. In order to update Guest Tools in the Linux VM:

  1. Connect Guest Tools ISO to the virtual machine

    ~# prlctl set VM_NAME --device-set cdrom0 --connect --enable --image /usr/share/parallels-server/tools/prl-tools-lin.iso
  2. Login to VM via SSH or VA console.

  3. Check if the Guest Tools CD image is mounted:

    ~# mount | grep iso9660

    If this command returns nothing or the output contains noexec option, the image should be mounted manually (the first step is required if the image is mounted, the second one is needed if there is no directory /media/cdrom):

    ~# umount /dev/cdrom
    ~# mkdir -p /media/cdrom
    ~# mount -o exec /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom

    (Replace /dev/cdrom with actual drive name in VM.)

  4. Start Guest Tools installer:

    ~# cd /media/cdrom/
    ~# ./install

    The installer would suggest you either to upgrade or remove Guest Tools, proceed with "Upgrade" option.

You may find more information in the following Guide page

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Unable to open new session in this virtual machine. Make sure the latest version of Parallels Tools is installed in this virtual machine and it has finished booting.

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