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It is not possible to create a Presence Builder site, as the Launch Presence Builder icon is missing.

The solution described in article #9284 does not fix the issue.

There is no Launch Presence Builder icon, even for a domain that has a quick Presence Builder Edit Website button.


There is a customizations.conf file that disables the Presence Builder section:

    grep sitebuilder /usr/local/psa/admin/conf/customizations.conf

The file contains "sitebuilder":{"enabled":false} directive. This means the Presence Builder button is disabled for domains.


Modify /usr/local/psa/admin/conf/customizations.conf and add or modify entry like below:


Note: for Windows based Plesk installations the file path is %plesk_dir%\admin\conf\customizations.conf.

After that, the "Presence Builder" icon will be accessible.

If the file does not contain this information, probably, an unusual, customized Plesk license is used. If you are a Plesk Partner, please check the properties of the license in the Partner Central interface.

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