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After Plesk license installation, some buttons are absent in Plesk, Plesk interface or interface language is changed.


License has custom configuration in Partner Central.

There is an opportunity to customize Plesk default configuration on a license in Partner Central account. For example, license owner can set default view (Service Provider or Power User). Also it is possible to hide/show interface elements (e.g buttons) or modify interface languages (set default one, and choose those that will be available for selection).


To change default configuration, log in to Partner Central and configure Plesk interface in "Product Configuration" > select configuration.

Partner Central URL:

When there are some changes made in Partner Central related to Plesk interface customization, Plesk retrieves these changes from Partner Central and stores them in "/usr/local/psa/admin/conf/customizations.conf" file on Linux and "%plesk_dir%admin\conf\customizations.conf" file on Windows. The content looks like below:

    # cat /usr/local/psa/admin/conf/customizations.conf

Note that Plesk behavior can be different depending on Plesk version. Older Plesk versions can be insensitive to settings in Partner Central.

Additional information

Review the following article if product configuration defined in Partner Central is not applied to Plesk:

128680 Product configuration that is set in Partner Central does not work with Plesk

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