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After adding a new disk to the server and creating a Chunk Server on it, it doesn't appear to be available in the Cloud Storage cluster:

[root@pcs1 ~]# pstorage -c pcs1 make-cs -r /pstorage/pcs1-cs2/data
[root@pcs1 ~]# pstorage -c pcs1 list-services
TYPE    ID      STATUS                  DEVICE/VOLUME GROUP            DEVICE INFO                         PATH
CS      1025    running [7914]          /dev/sda6                      HUS154530VLS300                     /pstorage/pcs1-cs/data
CS      1026    running [7943]          /dev/sdb6                      HUS154530VLS300                     /pstorage/pcs1-cs1/data
CS      init    stopped                 /dev/sdc1                      ST3600057SS                         /pstorage/pcs1-cs2/data


Newly created Chunks Servers cannot be added to the cluster on the fly.


Restart pstorage-csd service:

# service pstorage-csd restart

The operation will suspend all write operations to the local Chunk Servers. This may be crucial in case the replication level of the cluster is set to 1 or the server is the only one in the cluster.

In order to enable CS hotplug, it's necessary to adjust the configuration of the pstorage-hotplug daemon. Check man pstorage-hotplug for more information.

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