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Plesk versions less than 11.x. How do I enable the spell checker feature for Horde Webmail?


The spell checker feature requires an "ispell" or "aspell" basic spell checker to be installed.

Installation and pre-requisites

Required packages are aspell and aspell-en. Any additional languages can be added by installing optional packages, e.g., aspell-de, aspell-fr, etc.

Important: In CentOS 6, "aspell" was replaced with "hunspell," which is compatible with "aspell." When installing and configuring the spell checker on CentOS 6, replace aspell with hunspell in the name of packages and paths to executables.

Important: For the spell checker to work, the PHP function proc_open() must not be disabled through the disable_functions configuration parameter in php.ini.


After installing "aspell," check in /etc/psa-webmail/horde/imp/conf.php for the correct path to the "aspell" binary:

    $conf['utils']['spellchecker'] = '/usr/bin/aspell';     // for CentOS 6: /usr/bin/hunspell
    $conf['spell']['driver'] = 'aspell';

Make sure that the languages you need are supported in /etc/psa-webmail/horde/horde/nls.php; for example:

    $nls['spelling']['pt_PT'] = '-T latin1 -d portuguese';
    $nls['spelling']['en_GB'] = '-d british';
    $nls['spelling']['ru_RU'] = '-d russian';

Add your language if necessary.

After that, the spell checker will work via the Check spelling button when composing a message. Additionally, every message can be spell-checked before sending if the option Check spelling before sending a message? at Options → Mail → Message Composition in Horde webmail is enabled.

For instruction on Plesk 11.5, please refer to this KB.

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