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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo 6.0
  • Virtuozzo containers for Linux 4.7


You have a backup of some container from Node1. You want to restore this backup on Node2. Restoration fails with Access denied error message:

~# vzarestore -B -e d56586b1-fc49-6b43-910d-a435419aecd5/20140530205122
Warning: You are using a deprecated utility that will be dropped in the
next major release. Please use prlctl restore instead.

Restore container: MyCT from d56586b1-fc49-6b43-910d-a435419aecd5/20140530205122...
* Operation with the  d56586b1-fc49-6b43-910d-a435419aecd5 is started
* Operation with the  d56586b1-fc49-6b43-910d-a435419aecd5 is finished with errors: Access is denied.
Restore failed: Access is denied
Restore operation failed.


The original container still exists on Node1 and both Node1 and Node2 are registered in the same PVA Management node.


PVA manages virtual environments by their EIDs, that is why restoring the container on another node with the same EID is not possible.

There are several way to proceed in such situation:

  • change EID of the original container as described in this article;

  • if the original/existing container is not working, delete it on Node1;

  • temporarily unregister Node2 from the PVA MN group (right-click on Node2 in the Infrastructure list -> Manage->Unregister node);
    restore the container on Node2;
    change EID of the restored container (otherwise the node's registration might fail);
    and register Node2 back in the PVA MN group.

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