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  • Virtuozzo 6.0


How to manually restore .tib backup if vzarestore or prlctl restore fails?

E.g. if metadata file is missed or corrupted, and the following error appear in var/log/parallels.log:

11-15 03:23:29.195 F /disp:9024:599707/ Task '26Task_RestoreVmBackupTarget' with uuid = {d8511129-ceda-453a-be55-b6cf13eaecd8} was finished with result PRL_ERR_BACKUP_RESTORE_CMD_FAILED (0x80037019) )


prl_backup_client tool can be used in order to restore such backup bypassing dispatcher service (applicable to any VMs, and CTs in a ploop format):

~# prl_backup_client 0 0 restore ${DESTDIR} ${TIBLOCATION} ${TIBFILE} "" "" --local

Below is the command invocation example:

~# prl_backup_client 0 0 restore /vz/tmp/restored.hdd    /vz/backups/ed418d5e-e800-6840-abd2-1164a02caab2/20140603042732/   /vz/backups/ed418d5e-e800-6840-abd2-1164a02caab2/20140603042732/private.tib "" ""  --local
Local mode ON
Progress 10.85%


  1. The destination directory (/vz/tmp/restore.hdd in the example) should not exist, but the containing directory has to.
  2. .tib file can be specified in relative form to the previous argument, that is it will be taken from /vz/backups/ed418d5e-e800-6840-abd2-1164a02caab2/20140603042732/ if it is specified just as private.tib.
  3. To restore incremental backup, specify the needed one instead, e.g. private.6.tib.

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Failed to restore the VM

virtual machine failed with code 7 ("Open error").

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