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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo 6.0
  • Virtuozzo containers for Linux 4.7
  • Virtual Automation 6.0


Backup fails with the following error:

Starting backup operation for node 'node03.local'...
* Backing up environment vps-111111 locally
* Checking parameters
* Creating backup 46e6fded-c341-0b47-b582-ce6472152e33/20140114142938
* Adjusting backup type (full)
* Backup storage: receiving backup file
* Preparing for backup operation

Acronis Error: Module=0 Code=0, Tag=0,.
Backup operation for node 'hwnode.local' failed: Failed to start the backup
Acronis Error: Module=0 Code=0, Tag=0,

/vz partition is located on a multipath device:

~# dmsetup table
storage01-data01: 0 1363169280 multipath 1 queue_if_no_path 0 1 1 round-robin 0 1 1 8:16 10
storage01-data01p1: 0 1363163382 linear 253:2 63
VolGroup00-LogVol01: 0 69992448 linear 8:2 215220608
VolGroup00-LogVol00: 0 215220224 linear 8:2 384

~# df -h /vz
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
                      640G  455G  154G  75% /vz

Affected PVA Agent versions:

  • 6.0-2152
  • 6.0-2160


In order to create a backup, the list of devices is passed to Acronis libraries. Not all devices are recognized properly, and compound devices (like ones available through a multipath connection) are not processed during backup operation.

The issue has been reported in the internal request PVA-33996 and it will be fixed in one of the future updates.


Issue was fixed in the PVA 6.1 Update 1 (6.0-2695) - check release note

Update PVA Agent to the latest available version and backup will be created successfully.

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Acronis Error: Module=0 Code=0, Tag=0


Failed to start the backup Acronis Error: Module=0 Code=0, Tag=0

e8e50b42231236b82df27684e7ec0beb 2897d76d56d2010f4e3a28f864d69223 d02f9caf3e11b191a38179103495106f 319940068c5fa20655215d590b7be29b 0889ab60fa6494de107aa7338c3c38b6 0c05f0c76fec3dd785e9feafce1099a9 0dd5b9380c7d4884d77587f3eb0fa8ef c62e8726973f80975db0531f1ed5c6a2

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