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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo
  • Virtuozzo containers
  • Virtuozzo hypervisor
  • Virtual Automation


Hardware Node is shown as Offline in Virtual Automation Management Node.

Virtual Environments list is not available for the server as well.

At the same time, the host is available remotely, and containers and virtual machines are running properly.


There is no connectivity between VA MN and VA Agent on the hardware node.


Check that there is no incomplete VA MN/Agent upgrade.

Make sure that VA Agent is running on that hardware node:

~# pvaagent status
pvaagentd (pid  784701) is running...

Check that all necessary ports are not blocked by firewall on both the node and on the VA MN.

List of ports that have to be open on both hosts can be found in the following article.

To test connectivity, the following commands can be used:

  • from MN to HN on the port 4434:

    ~# openssl s_client -connect VZ_HN:4434 -cipher ADH-AES256-SHA
  • from NH to MN on the port 4534:

    ~# openssl s_client -connect VA_MN:4534 -cipher ADH-AES256-SHA
  • also, ensure that the source and target IP addresses in these connections are the same using netstat command
  • if connections can be established, the IP addresses match each other in the connections and the state is not available still, try restarting the services:

    ~# pvamn restart     ## VA MN
    ~# pvaagent restart  ## VZ HN

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