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  • Applies to:
  • Plesk 12.0 for Linux


Mchk command fails on step: mail_auth_dump:

    # /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/mchk --with-spam
    ==> Checking for: mailsrv_conf_init... ok
    ==> Checking for: mail_handlers_init... ok
    ==> Checking for: mailsrv_entities_dump... ok
    ==> Checking for: mail_admin_aliases... ok
    ==> Checking for:

When I try to execute command:


It fails with error:

    ERR [util_exec] proc_close() failed
    Error: /usr/local/psa/admin/bin/mail_auth_dump.worker[12149]: Input parse error: String is expected. Error occured at offset 2381, character 'f'.


Some mail accounts have empty passwords.


1) Make sure that accounts do not have empty passwords:

    mysql> select * from mail where account_id not in (select id from accounts);
    Empty set (0.07 sec)

2) If the result is different, example:

    mysql> select * from mail where account_id not in (select id from accounts)\G
    *************************** 1. row ***************************
                               id: 21
                        mail_name: test
                          perm_id: 35
                          postbox: true
                       account_id: 62

    mysql> select * from accounts where id=62;
    Empty set (0.00 sec)

Create some password for this account:

    mysql> insert into accounts values (62,'plain',"1qazXSW@");
    Query OK, 1 row affected (0.03 sec)

Then execute mchk command:

    # /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/mchk --with-spam

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