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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows 4.6


Remote Desktop connection to container does not work.

Port is being listened:

C:\>vzctl exec 100 netstat -aon | findstr 3389
  TCP               LISTENING       1484

Port is open, not blocked by firewall, and can be accessed with telnet, nmap or any other tool capable of querying the TCP port.

There are active sessions inside of the container (as checked on the node):

C:\>vzlist 1171 -o numsessions,numsessions.b
            3           3

or, in the container (checked via vzctl enter CTID):

 SESSIONNAME       USERNAME                 ID  STATE   TYPE        DEVICE

>console                                     0  Conn    wdcon
                                             4  Down
                                             5  Down
                                             6  Down
 rdp-tcp                                 65537  Listen  rdpwd

However they cannot be dropped:

C:\WINDOWS\system32>rwinsta 4
rwinsta 4
If the LogonId in question refers to a protocol, then all users using this protocol will be logged off, continue(n=no)? Could not reset session ID 4, Error code 7024
Error [7024]:The requested operation cannot be completed because the terminal connection is currently busy processing a connect, disconnect, reset, or delete operation.


Terminal Services service is hanging, it is stuck in busy state and cannot process new connections.


In order to recycle Terminal Services state it is necessary to reboot the container. Killing service PID and starting the service manually won't help.

Additional information

112775 - Cannot connect to a container using RDP

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