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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo 6.0
  • Virtuozzo containers for Linux 4.7
  • Virtual Automation

This update for Virtual Automation 6.1 provides a number of new features and bug fixes.

This update contains the following new features:

  • vzabackup/vzarestore support for Containers with multiple virtual hard disks.

This update contains fixes for the following issues

  • PVA-24999: Agent now automatically generates unique default VNC passwords for new virtual machines.
  • PVA-33520: Containers could freeze forever during backup due to the lack of timeouts for remote communications.
  • PVA-33591: Could not list the contents of / inside backups of ploop-based Containers if / contained many files.
  • PVA-33622: Wrong permissions on /var/opt/pva if a restrictive umask was set during installation.
  • PVA-33866: vzlpl could freeze on stat() of an NFS share from another Container.
  • PVA-33904: Could not add HDDs to virtual machines in Virtual Automation without rebooting said virtual machines.
  • PVA-33996: Could not backup Containers with private areas stored on RAID.
  • PVA-34016: Under certain circumstances, selective restoration of a VZFS Container could fail.
  • PVA-34023: Failure of the vzarestore utility due to a layout conversion error resulted in the original Container being overwritten.
  • PVA-34031: Containers were not accessible via API immediately after vzarelocator/move calls.
  • PVA-34032: Under certain circumstances, a vzarelocator/move call could result in Container EID change.
  • PVA-34105: Could not delete the default gateway for a bridged adapter in Virtual Automation.
  • PVA-34129: False alerts about quotaugidlimit could be shown in Virtual Automation for ploop-based Containers.
  • PVA-34147: Upgrading to the version 6.0.2160 failed if there were custom roles in Virtual Automation before the upgrade.
  • PVA-34150: Could not browse Windows Container backups stored on Linux servers.
  • PVA-34201: Could not browse directories with special characters in names inside backups.
  • PVA-34237: vzsnmpd worked incorrectly with net-snmp-5.5, resulting in the failure to parse SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::ipAddrEntAddress.
  • PVA-34260: ID in VZAUp2date.voc could contain non-UTF characters due to localization.
  • PVA-34263: The IoPriority, IoLimitValue, and IopsLimit properties could be reset to 0 after changing virtual machine hardware settings from Virtual Automation.

Obtaining the Update

You can download and install VA Agent and Master updates using the installer included in the Virtual Automation distribution. For more information on Virtual Automation 6.0 builds, releases, and supported virtualization products, please see KB article 112297.

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