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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo 6.0
  • Virtuozzo hypervisor


The issue mostly affects Debian 6 Guest OS.

  1. VM restarted for no visible reason, this is happening rather frequent for some particular VM.

  2. VM has e1000 emulated network adapter assigned ("card=e1000"), e.g.:

    ~# prlctl list MyVM -i |grep net
    Boot order: hdd0 cdrom0 fdd0 net0
      net0 (+) dev='vme50b6bf63.0' network='Bridged' mac=001C422C372B card=e1000 ips=' ' gw=''
  3. You may observe the error "PANIC@86.9 SystemReset by keyboard controller" in the VM log (/var/parallels/$VM_NAME/parallels.log):

    08-06 15:51:08.750 F /vm:14183:14192/ VM state(VmStateRunning): completed 'VmLocalCmdStart'(20001) command with result 0x0
    SystemReset by keyboard controller
    08-06 22:55:18.487 F /vm:14183:594275/ VM state(VmStateRunning): enqueued 'VmLocalCmdHardwareReset'(20009) command
    08-06 22:55:18.487 F /vm:14183:594275/ VCPU0 state(VcpuStateRunning): enqueued 'VcpuCmdTerminate'(6) command
    08-06 22:55:18.487 F /vm:14183:594275/ VCPU1 state(VcpuStateRunning): enqueued 'VcpuCmdTerminate'(6) command
    08-06 22:55:18.488 F /vm:14183:14192/ VM state(VmStateRunning): changed to VmStateStopped


Debian 6 panic because of the e1000 driver. e1000 driver itself is no longer developed by Intel, it's known to cause such issues.


There are several ways to solve the problem:

  1. Update Debian 6 Guest OS to the latest available kernel (if any) and recompile e1000 driver for Debian 6 with this patch

    Note! It will be necessary to update Parallels Tools in the VM after it's updated and rebooted into the new kernel. Parallels Tools update should be done after booting into the newest kernel, not before.

  2. Upgrade guest OS to Debian 7

    Parallels Tools should be updated after guest OS upgrade.

  3. Change the VM adapter type to Realtek:

    # prlctl set MyVM --device-set net0 --adapter-type rtl

    Do not forget to specify the VM name and network device name properly.

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VM restarts because of unknown reasons.

SystemReset by keyboard controller



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