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I have create a role without "Virtual Environment Management" - "Delete Virtual Environment" permissions and assigned this role to some users.
However when I am logged in with one of these users, there is still "Delete" button in "Virtual Environment" tab.

Can I hide "Virtual Environment Management - Delete Virtual Environment" for users which are not allowed to use this feature?


We are planning to add the ability to hide the 'Delete' option from users that are not allowed to use it in scope of the feature request PVA-34351.

Currently, 'Delete' option will still be displayed for all users.

To hide the button in PVA MN installed in Linux system, download and apply the attached patch.

~# wget
~# patch -p1 -d/ < pvamn-hide-delete-ve-button.diff
~# pvacc restart

The package patch should be installed in the system, e.g.:

~# yum install -y patch

Additional details

The 'Delete' option is really displayed even if you disable the permission for the containers' and VMs' deletion. However, in case the created user tries to remove some instances the user gets warning that there is now such permission granted to this user.
So in case the user tries to delete something - nothing is removed.


Also please pay attention in case you assign several roles for the user. Different roles can have permission to delete container and you should verify that deletion disabled for all of them.

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