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  • Applies to:
  • Plesk 12.5 for Windows
  • Plesk 12.0 for Windows
  • Plesk 11.5 for Windows


  • Unable to send/receive emails from accounts
  • Remote mail server's Debug or Activity Logs contain 'Address Map could not resolve recipient..' errors
  • MailEnable logs contain the following:

    Domain for ([SMTP:mailbox@domain.tld]) is locally serviced, but recipient is not defined in address map
  • SMTP address under MailEnable > domain.tld > Mailboxes > mailbox@domain.tld > Addresses is missing


After assigning an address to a mailbox, this address is added to MailEnable internal structure called Address Map. Address Map is used to associate e-mail address with MailEnable mailboxes. The MailEnable Administration Program is used to assign addresses to mailboxes (under the properties of the mailbox).

When someone attempts to send a message to MailEnable, first, it tries to determine whether the address is a known or registered domain (i.e. a domain that MailEnable should accept and deliver mail for). If the mail is a local domain, MailEnable will receive for all addresses that have been configured/associated with mailboxes (Note: if a catch-all for the domain has been assigned, all mail will be delivered to the catch-all if there is no address map).

If there is no catch-all defined for the domain and there is no address map to associate the recipient to a mailbox, MailEnable will return an error as follows:

Domain for ([SMTP:mailbox@domain]) is locally serviced, but recipient is not defined in address map


  1. Before recovery, please take the backup of the following files from the path: %PLESK_DIR%\Mail Servers\Mail Enable\Config\

  2. Download the MErecover utility to your server to re-build mailboxes and address map files from the message store. It will then be necessary to rename the appropriate .REC files it produces as .TAB files. It is not necessary to replace all of the .REC files as .TAB files. Only replace those particular files that were corrupted in .TAB format.

Search Words

Address Map could not resolve recipient


recipient is not defined in address map



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unable to send mail

smtp address is missing

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