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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo 6.0


Creation of the local client read cache for a pstorage client fails with the following error message:

# pstorage-mount -c mycluster /pstorage/mycluster -C /ssd/local_cache -R 10000
19-05-14 04:10:50.660 main: use default logfile='/var/log/pstorage/mycluster/pstorage-mount.log.gz'
19-05-14 04:10:50.660 pstorage-mount: mounting pstorage://mycluster at /pstorage/mycluster with flags: 0xc06, params: fd=4,rootmode=40000,user_id=0,group_id=0,allow_other,default_permissions,writeback_enable,direct_enable,
mount: according to mtab, pstorage://mycluster is already mounted on /pstorage/mycluster


The cluster is already mounted on this client. It is not possible to add the local cache "on the fly", the cluster needs to be remounted.


  1. Suspend all virtual machines and containers running on the client or migrate them to other nodes
  2. Unmount the cluster:

    # umount /pstorage/mycluster
  3. Mount the cluster with the cache option (after making sure the SSD drive where the cache will reside is mounted):

    # pstorage-mount -c mycluster /pstorage/mycluster -C /ssd/local_cache -R 10000
  4. Resume the virtual machines and containers
  5. Correct the pstorage record in /etc/fstab to make sure local cache is created on every start of the client:

    # cat /etc/fstab | grep mycluster
    pstorage://mycluster /pstorage/mycluster fuse.pstorage rw,nosuid,nodev, cache=/ssd/local_cache,cachesize=10000 0 0

For more information and additional options when creating the local cache please refer to the Parallels Cloud Storage Administrators Guide

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