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  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.5
  • Virtuozzo 6.0


Live migration of a Virtual Machine between PCS servers was completed successfully, however the VM has invalid status on the new server.

The following error can be found in /var/log/parallels.log:

06-06 04:02:19.998 F /disp:4629:5607/ [sendVmList] Access check failed for user {{d29d24e4-9263-42d4-8495-1b5e0bba25fc}} when accessing VM {{b543f3e4-bb39-4583-82bf-009523ff39a0}}. Reason: 0x80000375 (PRL_ERR_VM_CONFIG_INVALID_SERVER_UUID)


VM still has old "ServerUuid" in its config.pvs file.


If you meet this issue, it is recommended to contact Parallels Technical Support in order to identify the root cause and permanent resolution. If solving a particular occurrence is more important, the following workaround can be used:


  1. Check ServerUuid of the destination server:

    # prlsrvctl info | grep ID
    ID: {fb0383ff-c3fe-41b3-8754-8591661f4b64}
  2. Check ServerUuid in config.pvs of the VM:

    # prlctl list -i MyVm | grep  Home
    Home: /var/parallels/MyVm.pvm/
    # grep -i serveruuid /var/parallels/MyVm.pvm/config.pvs
  3. If ServerUuids obtained in 1. and 2. are different, update config.pvs file with correct ServerUuid (Uuid of the destination server).

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