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  • Virtuozzo containers for Linux
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  • Virtuozzo hypervisor
  • Virtual Automation

End of Life

As of June 01 2013, Virtuozzo stopped maintaining Parallels Infrastructure Manager 4.0. No more patches or updates are to be released for this product.

End of Support

As of June 01 2013, Virtuozzo stopped supporting Parallels Infrastructure Manager 4.0. This means that Virtuozzo will not accept any more tickets to address questions or issues related to this product.

If you wish to continue receiving support services from Virtuozzo, you must upgrade to one of the latest product versions of Virtual Automation.

Please refer to the page describing our Server Virtualization Lifecycle Policy.


Upgrade your PIM to VA.

Unlike Parallels Infrastructure Manager 4.0 (PIM 4.0), VA contains two parts:

  • VA Agent, to be installed on the host with a virtualization product installed;

  • VA MN (Management Node), to be installed into a separate environment to host the master server of the group.

For standalone nodes, the connection to the port 443 and 4643 on the node's IP address is no longer possible with VA Agent installed, the node should be registered in VA MN and managed by means of VA MN.

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